Training: Developing online forms using XForms

The W3C standard XForms is intended for the development of forms with some complexity, containing checks, calculations, relationships, dependencies and so on. Several content management systems and online platforms use this standard, such as Smartsite, EpiServer, Orbeon and IBM Lotus Forms.

CM Pro offers two day XForms training sessions for developers. This training has a large hands-on component. During the training participants have the Smartsite XForms Workbench available, so that developed forms can de previewed on the fly.


The global program for this training is:

Day 1

  • Differences between HTML forms and XForms
  • XForms concepts
  • XForms Model and Instances, Actions, Bindings, Submissions
  • XForms Controls

Day 2

  • Event-driven extensions
  • Integrating external web services 
  • Submitting collected data
  • Internationalization of forms.


In order to benefit from the full range of XForms features and possibilities a workingknowledge of XML, XML Schema, XPath, HTML, XHTML, HTML5 and the Document Object Model (DOM) is required. During the course we will briefly focus on design aspects. For that particular section, some knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, CSS will be advantageous. Participants bring their own laptop to do the hands-on exercises. In order to use the Smartsite XForms Workbench Windows 7 or higher is required.

Previous trainings have demonstrated that, with the prerequisites matched, developers will be able to build complex forms, for instance with  wizard structures.

The training sessions are for groups of 4 to 8 participants and may be taught in Dutch or English. The cost of a two-day training is € 450 excl. BTW per participant. By request this training can be organized in-house and/or compressed into a single (but long) training day.

Contact us for the next available training.


Upon registration you will receive an invoice that is payable within 30 days.


Canceling your participation in a group training is free if we receive your cancellation more than 30 days before the training date. If you cancel between 7 and 30 days before the training we charge 25% of the fee and 50% when cancelling between 3 and 7 days . We will charge you for the full amount if you cancel within 3 days of the training. However, you can have a collegue replace you at no extra cost.